user-agent-string project will end on November 30, 2014.
The new version can be found at

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Library wrongly detecting device. The repair of the works ..

This is a new improved version of the .Net version of UserAgentStringLibrary. (The original is available here)
Autor: eberhard speer jr.


  • CLS compliance External link : The new code complies with ISO/IEC 23271 External linkstandards.
  • Performance : a 40% performance improvement.
  • Separate Bot check : allows for the possibility to parse bot ua-string as a 'regular' ua-string. Google-bots for example include in their ua-string the ua-string of the device or browser it mimics.
  • Added new device functionality.
  • Added SandCastleExternal link MSDN style help library for the code.


  • Download UASParser package and extract it
  • The package includes 4 Visual Studio 2013 projects targeting .Net 4.5
  • Detailed descriptions are included in the file ReadMe.htm
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