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The new version can be found at

Download -> UASparser -> UASparser for JAVA

UASparser is a standalone jar file for the uas.ini datafile

Autor: Oli Kurt, performance optimizations: Chetan Sarva External link


  • Fast
  • Standalone
  • Auto updated datfile and cache from remote server with version checking
  • Released under the GNU (LGPL v.3)
  • Tested with Java 1.6, but should work with >= 1.4
  • 3 options:
    - use a local uas.ini file
    - download the file from remote server on object creation
    - download the file from remote server and save to local cache file, uses that until it's outdated


  • Download the UASparser package and unpack it
  • Add the jar to your classpath
  • Use it with the following content:
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UASparser use
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